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Luxury is never bound.

Audi Body Styles Explained in Lakeland, FL

The Audi lineup seems unexplainable — over 40 models belong to the 2021 Audi family, and more are added each year. From stylish sedans to exciting sports cars, the selection is nearly limitless for the prospective car buyer. With so many to choose from, each body style is part of the Audi DNA, and describes the type of ride you want as well. Audi Lakeland has decided to explain these body styles to give you a better idea what each one means.

Remember, no matter what body style you choose to drive home today, since you’ve chosen Audi, you’ve chosen well. Keep scrolling to discover the differences between the Audi body styles and which one is best suited for your lifestyle needs.

How Audi Names Their Models

Audi has coded their naming with different meanings based on letters and numbers. It’s a simple format, too. Base models receive an “A.” Sportier vehicles are marked by an “S,” the sportiest being “RS,” or RennSport. “Q” is for the SUVs, while TT, R8 and e-tron® are their own category. Numbers 3-8 are paired with a number, and typically, the higher the number, the larger and more powerful the Audi. Trim levels are Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige, each with their own standard and available packages.


Graceful, sleek, sophisticated. The sedan body style offers fuel efficiency, maneuverability and serious refinement. They are either entry-size, midsize or full-size cars each with their own perks towards luxury. Sedans are best for those who don’t need a ton of room and can be compact in their drive.


Powerful, attractive, sporty. These cabriolet models are coupes that come with a convertible soft- or hard-top roof that folds down. With the grace of a convertible but the ability to put that hard top back on and drive like your usual sedan, drivers can find true freedom in these models.


Strong, sturdy, quick. A two-door Audi is called a coupe, and is for those that want to express themselves on the road without the extra room that cramps their style. These cars come with an outwardly facing athletic style that drivers instantly recognize. Many people know just how fun an Audi coupe is.


Developed, fearless, impactful. The sportback family uses all the best traits of sedans, coupes and hatchbacks to make a totally different type of car. Low rooflines and coupe-like styles give these cars a special look. Your first impression is one thing, but expect even more with this Audi sportback.


Spacious, sporty, versatile. Audi SUVs have a certain way about them that has led them to be one of the most attractive vehicles on the road. With plenty of extra space for picking up the kids from soccer practice or just a weekend getaway, you get it all with an Audi SUV. Technology, performance and luxury come standard in every model.


Resilient, adventurous, aware. The road knows Audi wagons because of their distinct style and drop back appeal. The performance of the vehicle has no drawback as Audi wagons are created with the same appeal and power as any other Audi. Spacious room for everyone is the name of the game for our Audi wagons, an excellent alternative to a SUV.


Powerful, demonstrative, capable. Audi sport cars have been adapted from many different body styles across the lineup, but that doesn’t mean that they’re in a league of their own. Instantly capturing the eye was a hallmark of Audi sports cars, often engineered on the track similar to a racecar. Drivers will expect quick accelerations and high top speeds from Audi sport cars along with the luxurious technology that comes with it.

You’ve probably noticed that Audi electric and hybrid models have not been given their own category. Since these e-tron® models have unique powertrains rather than different body styles, we thought to list them elsewhere. But don’t hesitate to give us a call, contact us online or visit our convenient location at 1215 Griffin Road, Lakeland, FL 33805 to have your questions answered. We value our guests from North and South Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa and we look forward to serving your automotive needs.